AGW - Structural Geology

Possible Bachelor- and Master Theses

Bachelor and Master theses will be conducted in close collaboration with our assistants and where possible with external industry- or public partners.

Topics are

  • often related to reservoirs on Deformation, Diagenesis and GeoMagnetics 

Methods are

  • analytical: Core description, rock mangetics (AMS), petrography (reflected-, transmitted light), petrophysics (porosity, permeability), structural geology (LIDAR, UAV, PLT, rebound), classical and innovative mapping (LIDAR, UAV), reservoir heterogeneities
  • numerical: automatisation of Lidar data, image log analysis (WellCad, EasyCore), underground models (Petrel, Eclipse), fracture networks (FracMan, FracaFlow), reservoir quality prediction modeling (TouchStone), static and dynamic subsurface modes (Petrel, Eclipse)


  • Our home is the Rhine graben rift with ongoing exploration of complex hydrocarbon- and geothermal fields below our feet
  • We work globally: please inquire for possible theses related to current PhD research programs.

Topics related to the core research areas can be inquired from the respective group leader. Deformation Dr. Dennis Quandt, diagenesis Dr. Benjamin Busch and magnetics apl. Prof. Dr. Agnes Kontny.