Structural Geology @ KIT-AGW

Sustainable use of the environment, on and beneath the earth.
0Christoph Hilgers

At the Chair of Structural Geology and Tectonics we perform research and teaching on deforming reservoirs, diagenesis and rock magnetics. This covers energy- and mineral resources and related value-chains.

We predict porous and fractured rock qualities and 3D heterogeneities of rock bodies, and design digital rocks and automated digital analyses in interdisciplinary teams.

We assess value chains of geo-resources over their life cycle to improve related process- and quality management approaches.

Our innovations contribute to the efficient exploration and utilization of renewable energy, hydrocarbons, raw materials and subsurface storage.

With our TechnologyTransferUnit (TTE) Reservoir-Geology at KIT Campus Transfer GmbH we accelerate the exchange between industry and research.