The chair (C) is headed by Prof. Dr. Christoph Hilgers. The deputy chair (DC) apl. Prof. Agnes Kontny, leading the group rock magnetics unit. The qualifying assistant professorship (AP) is filled with Dr. Benjamin Busch, leading the group reservoir quality & diagenesis. Dr. Dennis Quandt is leading the group deformation. The administration is managed by Ulrike Brecht and Roxana Sobko, the rock lab by Martin von Dollen and the mechanical workshop by Kevin Altinger. Our assistants qualify for a PhD and co-supervise our Bachelor and Master theses. An overview of our team member is listed here. Roles and responsibilites are listed in our LRC on our internal Sharepoint Wiki.

xmas 2018

v.l.n.r. Prof. Dr. Christoph Hilgers, Prof. Dr. Reinhard O. Greiling (em.), Prof. Dr. Gerhard A. Eisbacher (em.) and team.