AGW - Structural Geology

MSc Profile ERS Geo-Energy, Resources & Storage

Christoph Hilgers

The MSc profile Geo-Energy, Resources & Storage teaches a fundamental understanding of the upper earth crust's proceses utilized by human kind. Topics include geothermal energy, ore deposits, fossil energy, mineral resources, underground storage and more. The language of instruction of this full-time 2-year MSc program is English.

1. Geoscientific core competencies (choose 36 LP) 
  • M-BGU-102432                Geothermics: Energy and Transport Processes (Engl.)
  • M-BGU-102431                Geology (Engl.)
  • M-BGU-103733                Sedimentary Petrology (German)
  • M-BGU-103995               Geochemical Processes and Analytical Methods  (German/Engl.)
  • M-BGU-102445                Geological Storage of Gas (Engl.)
  • M-BGU-103742                Reservoir-Geology (inkl. S-England Geländeseminar) (Engl.)
  • M-BGU-103993                Industrial Minerals and Environment (Engl.)
  • M-BGU-103994                Ore Geology of Metals (Metallische Rohstoffe) (Engl.)
  • M-BGU-102430                Applied Mineralogy: Geomaterials (Engl.)
2. Geoscientific specializations (choose 25 LP or from 1. [geosc. core competencies], 5 LP per module)
  • M-BGU-102447                Applied Geothermics (Engl.)
  • M-BGU-103734                Diagenesis and Cores (Engl.)
  • M-BGU-102444                Angewandte Mineralogie: Tone und Tonminerale (German)
  • M-BGU-105136                Geothermal Reservoir Engineering  (Engl.)
  • M-BGU-102455                Umweltgeologie: Radio- und chemotoxische Elemente (German)
  • M-BGU-102452                Petrologie (German.)
  • M-BGU-102443                Applied Mineralogy: Petrophysics (Engl.)
  • M-BGU-102451                Structural Geology (incl. Pyrenees field course) (Engl.)
  • M-BGU-102449                Borehole Technology (Engl.)
  • M-BGU-102456                Field Excercises / Excursion (German/Engl.)
3. Subject-related supplements (choose 10LP or from 2nd [Geosc. specialisations])
  • M-BGU-100068                Erd- und Grundbau (6 LP) (German)
  • M-BGU-100079                Umweltgeotechnik (6 LP) (German)
  • M-PHYS-103760               Elektronenmikroskopie I  (5 LP) (German)
  • M-PHYS-103761               Elektronenmikroskopie II  (5 LP) (German)
  • M-BGU-100069                Felsmechanik und Tunnelbau (6 LP) (German)

The regular study and examination regulations apply. The confirmation of successful participation in the profile will be issued by the examination board upon application by the student at the end of his/her studies.