Mission, Vision, Values

Applied Geosciences is an integral part of KIT since its foundation in 1825, with the geologist Friedrich August Walchner one of its founding fathers. We are one of the oldest Universities of Technology in the world.

Our Mission

We perform innovative quality research and -teaching on deforming reservoirs, diagenesis and rock magnetics. This includes the prediction of alterations, porous and fractured rock qualities and the design digital rocks in interdisciplinary teams. We analyse processes and techno-economical utilization concepts for energy and mineral resources and identify strategic alternatives. We contribute to an efficient use of reneable energy, hydrocarbons, raw materials and subsurface storage. 

Our Vision

Our graduates shall become internationally competitive partners generating value for industry and society. We contribute to science with novel methods and international publications of fundamental and applied research. Our innovations contribute to growth of our applied partners.

Our Values

Our reserach outcome is objective and reliable. We work in a free democratic, international and open-minded environment with our academic partners, industry partners and our public project sponsors.