Reservoir-Geology: Rhine graben

In our one-week field seminar Resevoir-Geology (MSc 2. Sem.) we characterize rocks and sediments of the Rhine graben. We study Tertiary and Quatenary sediments, and Mesozoic rocks in outcrops of the Kraichgau and Pfalz area.

We study fractured carbonates and porous siliciclastic Red Beds with respect to flow properties, and cap rock w.r.t. sealing potential and source rocks.

The Rhine graben hosts the highest geothermal anomaly in Germany, and the largest onshore oil fields in Germany, which are processed in Germany's largest oil refinery Miro in Karlsruhe for the petrochemical industry such as nearby BASF. Nearby on the French Rhine graben shoulder, Schlumberger developed and tested its first logging tools, and the world's first exploration wells on oil were drilled.

We develop

  • the reservoir-characterization
    • mit der Sedimentologie den Ablagerungsraum 
    • mit der Strukturgeologie die Beckenbildung
    • mit Allem die Bildung von Lagerstätten für Steine & Erden, Metalle und Wasser
  • the correlation 
    • of the visited outcrops
    • of visited outcrops and related rocks in the subsurface and their properties
  • the utilization
    • of reservoir porosities and and permeabilites for geothermal, gound water and hydrocarbons
    • of cap rocks as source rocks and waste disposal
Lithology, structure and measurement of spectral gamma ray for well correlation 
  1. day 1 drive with minibuses
  2. day 1 Stop 1 Knittlingen, quarry Sämann
  3. day 1 Stop 3 Enzberg, quarry NSN 
    drive back to Karlsruhe
  4. day 2 Stop 1 Oberderdingen, Derdinger Horn 
  5. day 2 Stop 2 Maulbronn, quarry Lauster
  6. day 2 Stop 3 Illingen, quarry Sämann
    drive back to Karlsruhe
  7. day 3 Stop 1 Untergrombach, Michaelsberg
  8. day 3 Stop 2 Ubstadt, spring near railway
  9. day 3 Stop 3 Bad Schönborn,  old quarry Kurpark
    drive back to Karlsruhe
  10. day 4 Stop 1 Eppenbrunn. Altschlossfelsen 
  11. day 4 Stop 2 Leistadt,  quarry Göbel
    drive back to Karlsruhe
  12. day 5 Stop 1, Gaggenau, Felswand am Radweg
  13. meet a graduate now in a job
    not visited
  14. Bad Dürkheim, Saline Gardierbau
  15. Freudenstein,  dism. quarry
  16. Wössingen, quarry