Wurm-Syncline from Roetgen to Kohlscheid

We run a two day field trip for MSc students crossing the Inde- and Wurm-syncline near Aachen with a bicycle.


On Saturday we start at the Miners Building, Aachen. Starting at Adalbert Church, built 1000 AD, we continue to Elisenbrunnen and cycle up to the Lousberg. Further north towards Kaisersruh, we study some outcrops along the Wurm valley. After a short cut to a small exposure near Arminia Würselen’s football pitch, we continue to Teuterhof and walk up on the old railway track to our last exposure for today. Than we continue to Gouley summarizing today’s geology and discussing the old Wurm mining district. We jointly return to Kaisersruh, from which everyone makes her/his way home.


On Sunday we take the 8.45h line 66 from Aachen central bus station to Roetgen Wanderstation, where we start today’s field trip. On the way to Dreilägerbach we study a road coat before continuing to the water reservoir. Further up to Struffelt Heath we have a short stop and then down to Rott we find our next exposure. Cycling through the forests we find some rocks behind Friesenrath church. Passing Friesenrath castle we continue to Walheim, which we enter from Hahn on the Eifelsteig track. Our next exposure is the small roadcut next to the parking lot of Walheim’s recreation area. We continue on the cycle path Vennbahntrasse towards Kornelimünster. Half-way large road cuts offer a good insight into sediments and tectonics of the region. Just before reaching Kornelimünster, another roadcut on both sides of the cycle path may offer to see varying rock types. Down to Kornelimünster center and along the Inde towards Brand we find today’s last exposure just across the bridge. After identifying the rock, measuring bedding and discussing the tectonics, we summarize the geology we’ve seen over the last two days in terms of stratigraphy, tectonics, depositional setting and economic relevance. We continue on the track, heading towards Krauthausen, but turning left on the paved road K13 Bilstermühler Str towards Trierer Str, where we turn left to get back to the Vennbahntrasse along the Lutter Weg. Here the field trip ends and everyone makes his way home.